Every investor and developer who wants to enter the Bulgarian real estate market must prepare themselves for the challenges ahead. The reality in Bulgaria is different from the other European countries and here we have some peculiarities that demand the use of the services of an experienced consultancy company that will do most of the preliminary research, the evaluations, the drafting of documents and applying before state institutions, will provide support, etc.

A detailed market research must be carried out, analyses and forecasts must be made, as well as a realistic estimate of the current state of the other participants on this market – buyers, lessees and competition. We can provide to our clients all the necessary services preceding the making of the important decisions on the part of the investor.

We offer the full range of project consulting services in the field of real estate in Bulgaria including:

  • Investment consulting.
  • Project consulting.
  • Construction concepts.
  • Investment projects.
  • Intermediation and asset management.
  • Financial management.
  • Research and market analysis.
  • General and segment research of the property market.
  • Research of the resources and preferences of the consumers on the market.
  • Research of the competitors’ offers on the market.
  • Analyses.
  • Projects for territorial development and territory planning concepts. Analysis of the possibilities for optimal use of the areas.
  • Drafting of a business plan of the project.
  • Drawing up of a project concept.
  • Financing and valuations – financial concept, marketing assessment of the project and preliminary budgeting of all possible expenses.
  • Consultancy services related to the sales and project development – creating concepts for the development of the building/complex, creating concepts for organizing the sale of the whole project/building or retail sales (of single units – apartments/offices/trade areas, etc.)
  • Professional consulting of the client during all stages of the project, optimization of the project during the construction stage with the aim of increasing the property’s liquidity, increase of the effectiveness of the sales and flexibility during the whole process of construction and sales.
  • Cost optimization by focusing on profitable areas, outsourcing and achieving the highest work efficiency.
  • Increasing the projects’ liquidity by optimizing the materials and labor, as well as by defining the optimal asking price and attractive financial conditions for the buyers/lessees.
  • Increasing sales efficiency through proper motivation of partners, identifying the target groups, forming an attractive concept, etc.
  • Hotel Management consultancy and Hotel Management services.

We can also help investors and developers who have decided to quit their “frozen” or already started building projects through sale, partnership, merger or another acceptable form.

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